Topsail Island Scuba Diving – Graveyard of the Atlantic

The waters off Topsail Island are known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic for its numerous ship wrecks resulting from treachourous shoals, storms and even war.

Most of the wreck sites along our island are within one hour to two hour riding time making a half day to full day trip very easy.

We have listed only several wrecks along our shores below but you may also visit for more information on these wrecks and other wrecks.

One particular diving opportunity off Topsail Island which is not a wreck are Megladon Teeth. Megladon were pre-historic sharks roaming our oceans millions of years ago, many reaching sizes of 60 feet long while feeding on whales! These teeth are found on pre-historic feeding grounds. Please email Capt Tom Collins at for more information.

U-352 (German WWII Submarine)

Perhaps the most famous wreck is an actual German WWII Era submarine sank in wartime by the US Coast Guard Cutter Icarus in May of 1942 during the subs wartime u-352patrol of the eastern seaboard of the US in search of freighter ships.

Diving Depths: 100-115 ft.
Visibility: Generally very good; range 50 to 100+ ft.
Current: Slight to moderate
Summer Temperature: high 70s to lo 80s
Points of Interest: Hey! It’s a U-Boat! What more needs to be said?

Cassimer (WR-2)

World War I Era Tanker converted to General Cargo ship for WWII. The Cassimer collieded with the SS Lara on a foggy night running full speed through U-Boat (German Sub) infested waters in Feb of 1942.cassimer-ship

Diving Depths: 90-115 ft.
Current: slight to moderate
Visibility: Usually in excess in 60 feet; usually better in the summer
Summer Temperature:low 80s in summer
Points of Interest: Intact bow and stern with high relief; 3 partially buried square boilers, engine; rudder and propeller; port and starboard anchors and anchor windlass;

Lobster Wreck

A dredge believed to be the Porta Allegra which no one seems to know why it sank or when. What we do know is that spiny lobsters call this wreck home, many divers being able to swim up and pull a lobster from the wreck then straight to their catch bag!

Diving Depths: 115-125 ft.
Current: none to slight
Visibility: 50+ feet
Summer Temperature: High 70s to lo 80s
Points of Interest: Four boilers and large steam engine, bow and stern anchors, derrick posts and dredge auger. Lots of tropical marine life.

The Hyde

The Hyde, an ocean going hopper dredge, which saw tours in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The Hyde is one of the only ocean going hopper dredges outfited with guns for hydeWWII. This wreck is part of the NC Artifical Reef Program and was sank 1988.

Diving Depths: 65-85 ft.
Current: none to slight, some on surface
Visibility: 60+ feet
Summer Temperature: High 70s to lo 80s
Points of Interest: Sitting upright and mostly intact, the Hyde is a great dive with opportunities for penetration. Sand Tigers also seen on wreck as well as cuda and groupers.

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